Its COLD Outside But The Bloomington Normal Housing Market Is HEATING UP FAST

Dated: 01/12/2016

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Most people would think with the cold weather outside, no one would be out looking at homes... 

Most would be wrong...  

The common misconception is that the "Spring" is when the "busy time" in real estate occurs in the Bloomington/Normal area.  While that is somewhat true, it's misguided.  It is a busy time real estate, it's a busy time for people MOVING.  As we've seen changes in lending regulations we're seeing a closing window of 45-60 days.  Those people moving in March and April found their new homes in January and February.  Those sellers listing in May and June when the kids get out of school sometimes are pondering where their Spring buyer rush was as they rake the leaves in October as they dodge the for sale sign that's still firmly planted in their front yard.

Now, are there buyers out there in July?  YES.  Buyers in November?  YES.  At the end of the day for a lot of people the best time to move is when there is a life event that creates the need, a relocation, they find the dream house they've been stalking for the last 8 years, etc.  But if you play your odds, the best time to list is when there is the most amount of demand and the least amount of supply.

Enter January 2016 and the perfect storm.  Currently (9pm January 12th) there are 951 Active listings in our entire MLS.  624 Active listings within the borders of Bloomington/Normal.  Typical amount of Active listings we see is around 1200 homes, and as I speak with more and more local agents, I hear the same thing.... "We've got buyers that just can't find what they're looking for, they're waiting for something new to hit the market".  Just between my partner Danell Moberly and I we have a growing list of pre-approved buyers that if the right homes hit the market we'd be tied up in closings for weeks to come... I like sound of that!

SO what do you do?  If you've been tinkering and planning all thru the Holidays about how you're listing your home in May or June, let's TALK NOW, let's get a PLAN, let's determine a VALUE, and let's get SOLD!  I mean, do you really want to wait for another 250 or more homes to hit the market as competition?

But, maybe you're reading this and saying, "I'm looking to buy, how does this help me?  What can you do?"  In a market like this, you as a buyer NEED AN AGENT that can alert you to homes as they hit the market.  Oh, you use Zillow you say?  Did you know depending on the service used by the listing agent, that home just listed on Zillow or Trulia actually showed up on our MLS 24-48 hours ago?  Yeah, and it's been shown 6 times already... and has an offer.  Sorry.

So as a Buyer or Seller, contact me today at 309-750-3005 or and let's get a plan to get you MOVING!

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Corey Leach

I believe in utilizing a consultative approach to enable my clients to make informed financial decisions when it comes to their housing needs. ....

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